Why You Don’t Stick to Your Goals

Put Yourself First Sisterhood founder Kat Horrocks

I’m not a gambling woman but I can bet this is a mistake you’re making with your goals. And it’s leading you to lack motivation, ‘fall off the wagon’ or feel downtrodden a few weeks into a new habit or action plan.

Let’s dive in…

Behaviour > Identity

You’re focused on changing your behaviour only, instead of changing your identity then behaviour change naturally following.

For example:

You want to get fitter.

So you just need to go to the gym right?

Wrong! Why?

Identity > Behaviour

Because if all you do is desperately try to change your behaviour, you’ll always fall back to old habits, old beliefs, old ways of being.

If you’re not stepping into the NEW identity of someone who prioritises their fitness, you will struggle to stick with any new habit or behaviour.

Shift your identity first, let the behavioural change follow naturally.

Second Nature

Why this works:

The reason goal setting from this ‘top down’ approach is so powerful, is your actions and behaviours start to feel second nature, instead of always relying on motivation or willpower.

Of course I’m going to go to the gym today, because not only am I the kind of person who puts themselves first, I also believe in the knock on effect that workout will have on my life. And I prioritise that.

How to shift your identity

Use these following journal points to help shift your identity:

Who is the version of me with this goal?

How would others describe her?

What does she believe to be true?

What does she think about this area?

How does she feel having achieved this goal?

How am I stepping into her shoes today?

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