Healing Generational Trauma with Urvi Vora

A deep dive with Urvi Vora about healing generational trauma and the impact your culture can have upon finding your true self. Urvi specialises in helping women to release fear so they can step into their true self and discover their dharma.

We discuss:

  • Urvi’s upbringing as Jain and how she evolved after discovering her spirituality
  • What is generational trauma? And how does it impact women of colour?
  • Discovering your true sense of self outside of the boxes society puts you in
  • Choosing curiosity over judgement and owning your authenticity by creating the space to have discussions about race, culture and generational trauma. 
  • How speaking out and releasing your shame and trauma can lead to permission for others to do the same. 
  • Ancestral healing and recognising patterns before they repeat themselves to ensure they are healed for your lineage

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