Mindset and Business Coaching for Women

I help passionate female founders to step into their CEO mindset and build a successful business on their own terms.

Are you ready to take your business to the next level?

You’re in the right place if:

You have started and grown a business doing what you love, and now you’re ready for even more expansion

Decisions like raising your prices, outsourcing, setting boundaries and putting yourself out there cause fear, doubt and avoidance, which leads you to fall short of your financial goals, people-pleasing and feeling frustrated and stuck

You’re done with getting in your own way and you’re ready to step up and claim that next level of personal and professional growth

Celebrating yourself for how far you’ve come doesn’t come naturally to you. You find you’re constantly onto the next task, next launch or next big thing. Stuck in ‘hustle mode’, feeling burnt out and frustrated

You have big goals and dreams for your life, and your thriving business is part of that vision

You’re good at what you do and your reviews and feedback reflect that. However, when it comes to marketing your business and putting yourself out there, you play small and hold back. After all, you don’t want to appear ‘salesy’ right?

You have made some good money and have sales coming in, but you’re still not sure you’re attracting dream clients and customers (maybe you’re attracting not-so-dream clients and customers)

You find mindset blocks like imposter syndrome, doubt, self-sabotage or fear tend to creep in when you’ve tried to take that next step on your own

Mindset and Business Coaching for Women in Business

Your success is inevitable.

I believe that the huge, exciting, crazy goals and dreams you have for your life and business would not exist within you if you did not already have exactly what it takes to make it happen. What is desired by you is destined for you.

And when you release what’s holding you back, invest in yourself and say,

“I’m ready for more”

That’s where dreams are made into reality.

Let’s work together to create clarity, vision, strategy and confidence in yourself and your business.

Amazing Results

Here are some of the life changing results I have helped my clients achieve:

As your coach, I am dedicated to seeing passionate, ambitious women like you WIN.

I’m so honoured to walk with my clients as they continue to grow, expand and claim the businesses of their dreams.

So, if you’re ready for deep self-discovery, crystal clear clarity on your vision and an aligned action plan to get you there, then 1:1 coaching with me is where it’s at.

Success Story

How I helped Emma increase her turnover by 36% whilst working less hours in her business:

I’ve increased my prices for existing clients for the first time ever.

I’m spending less time on client work and am working on new ways of reaching more people.

It’s been genuinely life-changing. I know I can now take my business to the level it needs to be to give me the life I want.

Emma, Accountant

1:1 Coaching

My Signature 3-Month Programme

Mindset and Business Coaching with Kat Horrocks for Ambitious Women in Business, CEOs and female founders

My signature 1:1 program begins on a 3-month minimum basis. This lines up with the quarterly goal-setting system I use, means we can make real progress and also offers you the flexibility to continue on for long term support. 

Combining a tailor-made blend of mindset support, goal-setting framework, business strategy and intuitive guidance, you will feel supported to not just grow your business, but become the next level version of yourself.

I work with an intimate amount of dedicated, driven, ambitious women who are ready to claim the life and business of their wildest dreams. If that’s you, you’re here for a reason.

What’s included?

Investment: £2222

Or 3 x monthly payments of £749

FYI… Coaching with me is not for everyone!

So before you apply you should know, I’m not the coach for you if…

If that’s you, then we’re not right for each other and that’s okay.

Helping Female Founders Grow

Some of the incredible women I’ve had the pleasure to support with their business mindset, strategy and goals


Career Coach

Booked 2 paying clients in our first month together


Social Media Manager

Doubled her 9-5 salary in revenue


Personal Trainer

Took her PT business fully freelance

Are you ready? 

Apply to work with me

I am so invested in my clients’ results, growth and transformation, and as a 1:1 client, you receive my time and dedication. For this reason, I have limited availability and operate an application-only process. This is for me to determine whether you’re the perfect fit for me to support you with your business and goals.

How it works

1. Apply

Fill out an application form, being as honest and in-depth as possible. Please allow at least 10-15 minutes for this.

2. Discover

If I feel confident that it’s a good fit, you will be offered a 30-minute Discovery Call to dive deeper on your goals and the support you need

3. Identify

On the call, you can ask me any questions, we can identify key areas to work on together and we can both feel confident that this is a full body YES investment for you and your business.