1:1 Coaching

Bespoke support for ambitious women who want to go from surviving to THRIVING in the next 6 months.

Without burnout, people pleasing or self sabotage.

It's time to become the woman you're truly here to be

I'm so glad you've arrived

Bespoke support, coaching and energy work for women who are ready for deep, layered and lasting transformation

Kat Horrocks Mindset and Manifestation Coach, Speaker and Spiritual Guide for Women

Dear Ambitious Woman

Welcome – your intuition guided you to this point for a reason! You are already so dedicated to your mindset, goals and inner work.

You’ve already achieved incredible things in your life. AND – you know more is available. You know your current reality is just scratching the surface of your potential.

You’re done diluting who you are or downplaying those big dreams – to play safe, small or make other people feel comfortable.

You’re craving private support that allows you to take your growth, goals and healing to the next level.

A space where you feel seen and heard in your full expression.

My coaching will help you go from..

Blocking your dreams and desires, letting fear run the show and living life as a diluted version of yourself...

To being free from the shit that's held you back, so you can step into your true magnetic potential and attract the life you deserve

I can do this because I’ve been where you are and I know what it really takes to create deep healing and manifest wild success in your life.

I’ve had great results from personal development – but still knew there was more available. Beyond the surface level work that’s out there in other coaching and therapy work.

Every part of my work – the coaching, the healing, the transformation, the spirituality, the mindset – I have been there right where you are.

And I’m here. Thriving, free, embodied and manifesting my dream life. It feels like coming home to yourself.

Kat Horrocks Mindset and Manifestation

You matter. You are here for a reason. And you deserve to live a life that you fucking love.

My love for this work has lead me to…

7+ years of coaching experience.

Helping 400+ women manifest goals beyond their wildest dreams.

Becoming certified in Life and Success Coaching, NLP, EFT, TIME Techniques, Reiki and Hypnotherapy.

Most importantly, I am a forever student of this work, always investing in my next level, growth and healing.

This allows me to tap into empathy and intuitive guidance so you truly feel seen and heard on a deep level.

I have guided clients to…

21 Day Journaling Challenge

Shift and reprogram limiting beliefs and behaviours they’ve held for their whole life – goodbye people pleasing, procrastination, self doubt, fear of failure, success, abandonment or rejection.

Clear money blocks and scarcity mindset.

Manifest abundance, success and the next steps to their dream life.

Heal from and navigate difficult relationships. Set strong, healthy boundaries and elevate their communication.

Stop the burnout cycle and finally put herself first. Regulate their nervous system, feel safe and stress free in their body.

Access their intuition, higher self and inner child, along with life changing tools for self coaching.

What's Included?

Your investment: £499 pm for 6 months

Or pay in full for £2994

(The value of your growth, healing and dream life? Priceless)

Your VIP Bonus

VIP Breakthrough Day worth £1111

*Location will be in Manchester City Centre. Travel will need to be arranged by you and is not included. For clients unable to travel, I can create a virtual edition for you.

Here’s what past clients are saying…


“I was feeling a little lost and lacking clarity. I felt a lot of fear and also low confidence and belief. I felt I needed someone to hold my hand as I started in this new space as I had never worked with a coach before.
I feel more confident with what I am doing and have a stronger mindset and more trust in myself. It sounds strange but I don’t sweat the small stuff as much. I have a lot more faith.
Kat will help you feel held, supported and also give you the tools to build confidence in yourself.”


“I’ve truly learned to put myself first. For so long I’ve made myself feel guilty for not achieving what I thought that other people expected of me. My work with Kat has allowed me to take a step back and set goals that serve me. And whilst there was a lot of trial and error, that only helped to show me how important it is that they are my goals and nobody else’s.
My time working with Kat has been life-changing. And I don’t use that phrase lightly. I’m a different person. A better person. And I put that down to the investment that I made in myself.


“Before working with Kat, I had a very closed negative mindset, I didn’t think I was worthy of success and didn’t want to be seen as too big for my boots. But I knew I wanted more: more success, more money, more visibility.
Now I know that I deserve to be heard, what I have to say is valuable and important. I’m so much more confident in reinforcing my boundaries with people. I’m walking taller.
It will be the best investment you ever make. You’re worthy of this.”


“Kat made me realise that I need to stop trying to people please. I was overwhelming myself to suit others. She helped me with my boundaries too. Kat made me realise I am bloody good at what I do and I have the knowledge to help others, and charge appropriately too! I loved every moment.
She is amazing at being in your corner, but also super honest, which is what I needed. A proper hype girl and sounding board, exactly what I needed to stay accountable.

Imagine what's possible for you if you could...

Is healing, growing and manifesting your dream life a non-negotiable?

If YES, Apply for 1:1 coaching today

I’ll read your application and if it feels like a good fit, I will be in touch to book a complimentary 45-minute Clarity Call so we can dive deeper into your goals, intentions and working together.