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Let’s make manifesting your dream life feel actionable and 100% possible for you.

Put Yourself First Sisterhood

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Put Yourself First

Investing in yourself, your growth and goals, is you declaring that you are worth it.

It’s time to put yourself first, prioritise your joy and watch your whole life change.

Upgrade your Mindset

Mindset coaching guides you to tap into your true potential.

Let go of the blocks, stories and limitations holding you back, so you can show up as your true self.

Manifest Your Goals

Combining goal-setting strategy, monthly accountability and the magic of manifestation.

We give you the tools and cheer you on to create a life even better than your vision board.

Think about that dream you have right now. The dream trip, job, house, business. All of that?

Lies on the other side of putting yourself first, and claiming it.

Why I created the Put Yourself First Sisterhood

So that ambitious women like you, who know they are meant for more, have access to affordable coaching and the tools, guidance and resources to make their dreams a reality.

If you are searching for sisterhood, a dedicated support system, an uplifting and inspiring community where ‘women supporting women’ is not just an Instagram quote but a way of life – your search is over.

If you are stuck in the ‘Self Help Cycle of Overwhelm’ – reading all the books, listening to all the podcasts but still making little to no progress with your goals – this membership is the accountability you need.

It’s your turn to put YOU first. Your dreams matter.

Put Yourself First Sisterhood

The Sisterhood is for women who are done with settling and just getting by – and ready to truly thrive creating their dream life.

Kat Horrocks Mindset and Manifestation

Mindset. Goal Setting. Manifestation.

Whether you want to boss it in your career, improve your confidence, tackle imposter syndrome, connect more with yourself or buy your dream home, my signature coaching method is created to support your growth and goals in every area of your life.

Get your hands on the exact mindset tools, manifestation magic and goal-setting strategy I’ve used to coach 400+ women just like you to manifest goals beyond their wildest dreams.

Changing Women’s Lives


“I have learned so much from the Sisterhood in less than 6 months! I honestly feel like I’ve changed as a person, I feel so much more confident, happy and on track with my goals. If you’re not sure it’s worth it, I can promise it 100% is!”


“A few weeks after joining I received an opportunity and accepted it. I am so chuffed and honestly wouldn’t have had the confidence if I didn’t join the Sisterhood! I feel amazing! Investing in myself is the best thing I’ve done”

Dream Job

“I had an interview yesterday. I found out today they offered me an even better job! I’ve been using Kat’s tools to welcome the perfect job opportunity and trusting that if not this one, something better will come along. That’s exactly what happened!”


“Two of my goals were to become debt free and own my home. 6 months later I’m debt free and awaiting completion on my mortgage. Without your help, I don’t think I would have had the confidence or motivation to nail my goals!”

What’s included?

Put Yourself First Live Womens Empowerment Event in Manchester
Weekly Calls on Monday

Mindset & Manifestation Mondays!

We connect as a group each and every week to dive into mindset and personal development themes, take time out for yourself and stay on track with your goals.

Your chance to meet your soul sisters, receive support and deepen your journey into personal development.

Put Yourself First Sisterhood
Light Up Level Up Mini Course
This mini-course is designed to kickstart your results in the Sisterhood in just 4 weeks.
Taking you through my signature Light Up, Level Up method that underpins my body of work, you’ll be taken on a journey to set goals, connect to yourself and show up more powerfully in your day to day life.
Put Yourself First Sisterhood
Community Support

Continue your community connection in between our calls.

Stay accountable to make progress and receive additional prompts and inspiration throughout the month inside our private Facebook® group.

Connect, network and share with your sisters in a supportive environment.

Put Yourself First Sisterhood
Exclusive Member's Area

24/7 access to a library of resources, workshops and exclusive goodies.

From self love, money mindset, perfectionism, boundaries and so much more. We have dozens of topics covered.

Whether it be a new go-to meditation or a masterclass that creates HUGE clarity for you, your transformation, evolution and growth is inevitable.

member area mock

Sneak Peek – New Year Challenge!

New Year, Fabulous You – A 6 Week Sisterhood Challenge

On 15th January, we’ll kick off our BRAND NEW and exclusive 6-week challenge!

As a Sisterhood member, you’ll be able to join in, receive weekly resources and kick start 2024 putting yourself first and prioritising your goals.

That’s not all though…

Members-Only Private Podcast!

The Sisterhood Sessions

Intimate, behind the scenes sessions, exclusive for Sisterhood members. Get ready for my most vulnerable shares yet, juicy Q&As and conversation that makes you feel like we’re sitting having a coffee together!

Exclusive Members Challenges

These are SO popular with members and you’ll love them too.
Twice a year (New Year and Summer) we do a challenge – where each week, you’ll receive a mindset and manifestation action or resource to complete. Think meditations, journaling prompts, EFT tappings, daily activities and more.
Challenges are designed to make putting yourself first and moving forward feel FUN, achievable and something we’re all doing together!

£1000+ worth of coaching

for less than £1.50 a day!

Monthly Membership

£ 30 for your first month
  • Save 30% off your first month
  • Monthly Sister Circle
  • Monthly 'Manifest Your Goals' Calls
  • Access your exclusive Light Up, Level Up Mini Course
  • 24/7 access to a library of Personal Development tools
  • Private Facebook Community full of like-minded women
  • Members-Only Exclusive Podcast Episodes

Annual Membership

£ 300 for your first year
  • Save £228 compared to monthly
  • BONUS 90-minute Higher Self Activation session with Kat included (worth £222)
  • Monthly Sister Circle
  • Monthly 'Manifest Your Goals' Calls
  • Access your exclusive Light Up, Level Up Mini Course
  • 24/7 access to a library of Personal Development tools
  • Private Facebook Community full of like-minded women
  • Members-Only Exclusive Podcast Episodes
Best Value

You can't put a price tag on your dream life

Yet that’s less than £1.50 a day to start creating it…

Connect with your soul sisters.

Unlock next level clarity and confidence.

Transform your personal and spiritual growth.

Start putting yourself first.

And level up your life.

Meet your sisters

Hear from fellow members about their experience, transformation and results in just a few short months!


“Kat’s goal-setting system is intuitive and really helps break down big exciting goals into daily actionable steps. 

It’s amazing to be part of such a gorgeous community. If you’re on the fence – absolutely go for it! It’s helped me gain self awareness and self belief. You are so worth investing in yourself, we can’t wait for you to join”.


“I was drawn to Kat’s wisdom, warmth and depth of knowledge. The depth she goes into in her programs.

I have not looked back, it’s the best thing I’m doing. I can only recommend you sign up, you won’t regret it. Please jump off that fence and dive in!”


“This has been a game changer for me. With the Sisterhood I’ve crammed 6 years of personal development into 6 months.

I’m so glad I dived in, this has been a journey of self-discovery. I’m a completely different person than who I was 6 months ago.

Huge thank you to Kat and the lovely group’s support for bringing out the best in me!”

Meet your coach…

My name is Kat and I’m a certified Mindset & Manifestation Coach, Spiritual Guide and Healer for women.

This community was created to help ambitious women like you put yourself first and manifest a life even better than your vision board.

My intention is to create an inspiring, supportive space in which you can discover more about yourself, own your dreams and desires and get the tools and backing you need to make them a reality.

Since I started coaching women 6 years ago, I have seen first-hand the powerful impact of bringing women together in groups like this. The connection, sisterhood, accountability and support feels potent, whether you’re in the Facebook Group or on a Zoom call. Something magical happens when you gather women together in a trusted circle.

I wondered, why is this not available to women on an ongoing basis, for an affordable membership just like their favourite gym or yoga class?

This idea birthed the Put Yourself First Sisterhood in June 2020. Since then, it’s changed women’s lives and been the support they need to go after their dream life. I can’t wait for it to do the same for you!

Put Yourself First Sisterhood

Because of the Sisterhood…

I asked our members to answer this prompt.

Here’s what they said…


“I have been promoted at work, I earn more money, I have bought myself my dream home, I am living in alignment with the universe”


“I have self-awareness, so when negative thoughts or self doubt creep in I can be aware of these, process and reset.”


“I’ve started my own business, paid off a huge loan and started a journey to having better boundaries”


“I have so much more structure, accountability and discipline in my week.”


“I am more self-aware and confident in my ability to create my life.”


“I have a reliable source of inspiration and motivation when I need it most”

Imagine where you’ll be in just a few month’s time, if you say yes today?

Monthly Membership

£ 30 for your first month
  • Save 30% off your first month
  • Monthly Sister Circle
  • Monthly 'Manifest Your Goals' Calls
  • Access your exclusive Light Up, Level Up Mini Course
  • 24/7 access to a library of Personal Development tools
  • Private Facebook Community full of like-minded women
  • Members-Only Exclusive Podcast Episodes

Annual Membership

£ 300 for your first year
  • Save £228 compared to monthly
  • BONUS 90-minute Higher Self Activation session with Kat included (worth £222)
  • Monthly Sister Circle
  • Monthly 'Manifest Your Goals' Calls
  • Access your exclusive Light Up, Level Up Mini Course
  • 24/7 access to a library of Personal Development tools
  • Private Facebook Community full of like-minded women
  • Members-Only Exclusive Podcast Episodes
Best Value


The support and answers you need to make this a full-body YES for you!

Will I have time for it?

Our weekly calls are around 45 minutes – 1 hour. That’s the minimum time you can spend in the membership to get results (whether you’re watching live or on the replay) 

Is reaching your next level worth spending 1 hour a week?

I know it is!

And I know you’re busy. Which is why the replays are always available for you and we actively encourage setting healthy boundaries such as blocking it in your calendar and asking for the support you need at home to make it happen.

Will I fit in?

This is not a one-size-fits-all framework, it’s about YOU and your unique goals and dreams.

We have female founders, freelancers, 9-5’ers, stay at home Mamas, side hustlers, corporate babes – women from all backgrounds and circumstances in the community.

They all have one thing in common – they believe in women supporting women and are invested in their personal growth. 

If you have that in common too, then you’ll fit in perfectly.

When are the live calls?

Mindset and Manifestation Monday calls are every Monday evening at 7:30PM UK Time, unless otherwise stated in our monthly newsletter.

All calls are uploaded in the member’s area the following day, so you can replay them 24/7.

And if you are catching up, that’s what the Facebook group is for so you can still ask questions and check-in with the other ladies.

What’s included?

As a member, you get access to:

  • Weekly Mindset & Manifestation Monday Calls*
  • Monthly Manifest Your Goals Calls (first M&M Monday call of the month)
  • An exclusive 4 week mini course taking you through my signature Light Up, Level Up method – to get you RESULTS with your mindset and manifestation in the first month of joining
  • All previous workshops and coaching materials inside your member’s area (with a free app to access 24/7 on the go)
  • A private Facebook community
  • Members only podcast episodes
  • Bonus downloads, journaling prompts, meditations and more resources!

Coaching content to help you put yourself first and manifest your dream life, for an affordable monthly subscription.

It’s a total bargain, no-brainer investment in YOU.


*Throughout the year I take occasional breaks and holidays. When we have a break week and there is no live M&M Monday call, something pre-recorded will be provided to take its place.

Am I tied in?

You can cancel anytime. Once cancelled, your membership will come to an end on your next billing date (whether it’s the following month or the following year).

For the monthly membership, you are billed on the same date each month on a rolling monthly contract.

For the annual membership, you pay upfront for 12 months of membership and your subscription renews annually.

Payment is made via Stripe using any debit/credit card, and your payment details including updating the card and cancellation can be easily managed in your account area.

What’s your refund policy/terms & conditions?

As this membership includes instant downloadable access to materials, once you have signed up for a subscription we do not offer a refund policy.

By subscribing, you acknowledge that you will lose your right to receive a refund for this service, and any cancellations will come into effect at the next billing date. This does not affect your statutory rights.

For our full Terms and Conditions, please click here. You can also find these on the checkout page.

I’ve not invested in myself and I’m not sure about spending money right now…

I’ve been exactly where you are.

And I’m here to tell you, you will never ever regret investing in yourself. 

It’s the best investment you can make.

What happens when you invest in yourself is your whole perspective and mindset shifts. You start to show up and take your growth seriously. You have active accountability to get results. 

If you’ve spent time listening to my podcast, or following my free content on Instagram and you’ve gained value and inspiration – just imagine the results you’ll get when you invest in this membership?