Why is it so hard to achieve my goal? Life coaching advice from Kat Horrocks

Why is it so hard to achieve my goals?!

Have you sat on your couch and asked yourself that question?

“Why is it so hard to achieve my goals?”

I’ve thought about this a lot in recent months. Both in my work with clients and my personal life, I’m constantly setting and working towards goals. It’s part of my language and everyday life. I’ve got the tool belt fully stocked: time management, planning, productivity, prioritising, stationery hacks, the best apps. You name it, I’ve got a growth hack to help you get there.

So why did I wake up a few months ago and say,
“Fuck. Why am I not there yet? Why is it so hard?”

I had goal-setting burnout.

After a long afternoon putting the world to rights with friends over coffee, it dawned on me.

The hardest part about working towards something* is showing up every day with no results.

*This something could be your business, your health, your relationship, your new career, your finances, your travel bucket list, whatever it is that you’re striving to reach or achieve.

Showing up for your goal every day, working towards it, chipping away at it. And seeing zero results.

Seeing small milestones, then a setback. Seeing months of work with no tangible return. Feeling a bit like you’re at the base camp of Mount Everest not quite sure you’ll ever make it.

Because something that feels like our life’s calling takes time.
Something worth having takes time.
Something that lights us up takes time.
Goals take time to achieve. Which in turn, requires:

  • Patience
  • Work
  • Perseverance
  • Resilience
  • Prioritisation
  • Putting your ego aside
  • Trust in yourself
  • Trust in the process
  • Unwavering faith that you will get there

Above all? It requires you to show up and put in the work it’s gonna take to get there.

No app or productivity hack will do that for you. All that stuff is fluff if you haven’t surrendered to all the above and made peace with the reality of it.

Maybe you’re reading this and connect with that burnout feeling I had.

You might feel overwhelmed.




Like you’re a failure.

Not sure you have the energy to carry on.

See this as the sign and encouragement that you need to keep going.
You must show up for your goals because:

A – you matter
B – your goals matter
C – nobody else on this earth can show up and do the work for you

If the thought of achieving that goal gives you butterflies, that gut-clenching feeling of nervous excitement, a huge grin across your face, a tear in your eye. You owe it to yourself to show up today. Even if those results take days, weeks, months or years of work.

I hope you’ll show up for your goals today.

Your next steps to achieve that goal

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