Navy Blue and Mustard Living Room Home Decor Inspiration Board Kat Horrocks corner sofa

Planning our Navy Blue and Mustard Living Room – Home Decor Inspiration Board

And so it begins. Our plans to buy and decorate our first home and the first (of many) interiors posts!

I won’t gush too much (and can’t speak too soon, as you never know what could happen!) but I’ve been waiting for this chapter for a long time. It feels surreal to be buying bits and bobs for our home.

I don’t want to rush the decorating process, as it’s all so new to us and I’m trying to avoid overspending on things we later change our mind on.

The advice I’ve seen thrown around online is focus on a room at a time. For us, the living room feels like the natural first step.

We’ve been kindly gifted a sofa from my brother (who no longer needs it!) so that had us brainstorming ideas weeks ago. Things like complimentary colour palettes and different accessories we might want to start browsing around for.

Also, the living room is the first room in the house. It’ll be really nice to have the beginnings of it setup early on, so we can invite people round to have a nosey and still have somewhere cosy for them to sit and have a brew! Even if every other room is still full of boxes.

Things we’re thinking of:

  • Navy Blue (the couch is almost like a denim material) with Mustard accents
  • Cosy soft furnishings
  • Cool but effective storage (we hate clutter)
  • Ambient lighting
  • Greenery

Dressing the sofa

Cushions are my ‘thing’. It’s a running joke when we make the bed that Adam hates decorative cushions in the bedroom. I’m sure many ladies reading can relate! He just leaves me to arrange them now…

But in the living room, we both agree they’re pretty important! There’s nothing better than a squishy cushion to prop yourself up with for a movie night.

Cushions are also easy to switch up and less commitment, so I’m excited to mix and match them more and push the boat out with some patterns (you’ll come to learn, we’re not one for bright/whacky colours and patterns!)

We love these cushions from Etsy, but I’ll also be scouring the supermarket home sections and H&M, as I always spot cute cushions in there.

Okay, I lied. There is something better than a squishy cushion. A throw. Especially for lazy Sunday mornings or cosy nights in, you need something to wrap around yourself.

I’ve seen this beautiful Christy throw in person at Holly’s house. I can confirm it is as soft and cosy as it looks. And they make it in the most perfect mustard colour. It’s at the top of my wishlist!

Here’s some more throw inspiration. Look at the drape-age!

Love this quick styling video too

Coffee table

We’re pretty sure we’re going for a glass coffee table, and this is another area I’ve browsed online for inspiration. I love the plates, panels and dishes you can get to display things like candles, small plants, any other trinkets.

I’ve also seen a few small wicker baskets. Something like that would be perfect for storing remotes without having them lying around, looking ugly (haha)


As the living room is always full of gadgets, books, DVDs and more, storage is key! We’ve fallen for some shelving units and storage in IKEA, including this TV stand (that Mrs Hinch painted white. The one we’ve looked at in store is a light grey)

Again, I think it’s about hiding the not-so-cute things and having your favourite books, photos, trinkets (and probably more plants…) proudly on display.

Details & Greenery

I’ve known for a while that I need more plants and greenery around me. It just makes me happier when I enter a room.

I’ve looked at loads of tall planters on Instagram and Pinterest and I’d love to add one in the corner, along with some smaller ones on the coffee table or shelving units we get.

As our living room looks out onto the main road, we’ll be needing a nice lamp so we can get cosy in the evenings, draw the curtains and shut the world out. We’ve seen loads of mustard lampshades, but not sure on the style for this yet!

I’m so excited to share this journey with you. I’m sure when we move in we’ll be snapping tons of pics, before and afters, etc. So follow along and don’t miss the next one!

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