Life & Business Update - House Hunting & NEW Coaching Packages

Life & Business Update – House Hunting & NEW Coaching Packages

Long time no speak on this blog! Here are some updates and what you can expect to see more of on here moving forward.

Personal Growth Freebies Bundle!

I wanted to create something really valuable (and free) for you to access wherever you are. You can now sign up to get FREE personal growth goodies, including:

  • An audio coaching that will help you overcome fear and gain confidence and clarity to take your next steps
  • My ‘Get Sh*t Done’ productivity hacks to apply to your goals (this is perfect alongside the 2019 workbook)

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NEW Coaching Packages

After a lot of soul searching and a lot of time spent in conversation with you ladies on social media, as well as past and present clients, I decided to re-launch my coaching packages.

Moving forward, I now have two packages available, whatever your budget and needs are in terms of results, goals and time frames. 
What I heard from you was…

  • Some people want ongoing support (whether that’s 6 months, 12 months, every month for the foreseeable, they’re not sure) 
  • Some people aren’t able to commit to a long term package
  • Some people wanted something a bit more flexible and affordable – almost like a pay-as-you-go option!

Head to the coaching page to find out all the info on my new 1-month package and updated 6-month package. Both will be extendable and flexible depending on your needs, so please email me if you have any questions on that.

If you’re interested you can now apply for a FREE 30-minute discovery session to dip your toe in, ask me any questions and get really clear on whether this is the right next step for you (and whether we’re a good fit, of course)

You can click here to fill that in and be booked in the next available slot

Personal Update – We’re buying a house!

This is where I get excited about all the goal setting and self-belief content I share online. For the past two years, this goal has been top of my yearly goals, and it’s finally coming into view.

It just goes to show that good things take time, and just because you’ve not achieved your goal this year, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still be focusing on it, owning it and (most importantly) taking bold, brave action to get closer to it every day.

I hate to share too much (and go into it in a bit more detail in this YouTube video below) – but if you want to be kept up to date on that, follow along on Instagram as I’m always updating my Stories with bits and bobs.

So naturally, we are living in chaos at the moment, both mentally (they don’t lie when they say it’s stressful) and physically (my office area in the spare room is continually full of house bits including a giant sofa in its boxes haha).

This means content opportunities, especially ones that look and feel good, ‘aren’t for happening’ as we say up North. The best I can get is the odd Insta snap whilst out. Luckily, the podcast is still ticking away (somehow!) but tumbleweed is blowing through this blog and my YouTube channel.

Hopefully, in the next few months, that will start to change. I have so many great blog post and video ideas up my sleeve (including IGTV which you guys want more of – they’re way easier to film as less setup required) so stay tuned, join the community sharing your email above and you’ll always be the first to know!

Kat x