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Let your progress be messy

Hey, just dropping in today to remind you to let your progress be messy. With the advent of social media, we often feel like our goals have to look like a perfect, shiny highlight reel.

  • The thriving business.
  • The promotion
  • The dream car, bag or other ‘thing’
  • The dream wedding.
  • The insane travel plans.

Our Instagram feed can trick us into thinking an achievement (whatever that looks like to us) is a simple jump from A to B.

I want to remind you today, and always, that the path between here and there is messy as fuck.

We fixate on ‘there’…

“If only I could…”
“I’ll be happy when…”
“On Monday I’ll start…”

That we don’t take brave, bold action in the here and now.

The only way to build a business is to show up.
The only way to save or earn more money is to show up.
The only way to make time for self-care is to show up.

The only way to achieve any goal or dream…is to show up.

And 9 times out of 10, showing up is messy.

It’s showing up with no results.
Showing up and making mistakes. Again and again.
Picking up where you left off, carrying on even when you have a setback.
Showing up as a student, ready to learn and grow.

Let your progress be messy. Learn to enjoy the messy, imperfect progress.

Let yourself be a student.
Let yourself fuck up.
Let yourself be bad at something.
Let yourself make mistakes.
The journey to achieving your goals is not linear. There are plenty of bumps and twists along the road.

Your job is to show up anyway.

How are you going to show up for yourself this week? Comment below and stay accountable!
Kat x

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