Why I Have a Uniform

In putting together my capsule wardrobe, I’ve developed a uniform for myself.

Which is ironic, as I used to HATE having to wear the same thing every day at school and be so envious of girls on American TV shows who could wear pink shirts and funky patterns to school. ????

As a busy, working adult, I can see clearly now the benefits of having a uniform. A dress code. A set layout of clothes in my wardrobe that I know look great together.

Except now, I get to choose each item… and nobody will tell me off for loosening my tie or rolling up my skirt a notch. The best of both worlds! 

So what do I mean by a uniform?

If you have a capsule wardrobe, you very likely do this already. You have set outfits within your wardrobe, for different occasions, weather forecasts or moods. 

Mine varies slightly in colour and fit, but generally is a loose fitting shirt/top and my black skinny jeans, then ankle boots, Converse or Nikes depending on the occasion. Of course, there are days I love to mix it up, but day to day, this is my go to formula. 

No decision making

As I’m sure you can relate, I often have a to do list as long as my arm during the week. Choosing an outfit that looks presentable, professional and the right balance of smart/casual is much too lofty a decision to be making at 7AM whilst getting ready. Having a uniform means you can grab, dress and go! 

And whilst I adore fashion and will happily spend my downtime brainstorming new outfit ideas or browsing online for the next season, I much prefer to spend my brain power in the morning on creative projects, work, clients and other important stuff. I can’t be stressing over outfit pairings.

Time saving

I wish I could have timed myself picking an outfit a couple of years ago, to give you a figure of hours saved. And I mean HOURS. Hours spent trying on each individual item to see which worked best, only to find NONE OF THEM DID.

Not to mention the tidying up after each top got thrown haphazardly across the room. Nightmare!

Less choice = More freedom

Ironically, having less outfits to choose from gives me much more freedom. It’s made me embrace my personal style more, as every single piece of clothing has to be 100% loved and cared for, as well as be flattering or suit my style/look.

I know it looks good. I know it pairs well with X, Y and Z top and if I’m feeling creative, it’s fun to use accessories, makeup and hair to change the style and mood of an outfit. 

This isn’t to say that I won’t add more to my wardrobe in the next few years as my budget allows for more, but I think I’ll always be loyal to my uniform. It’s like a trustworthy girlfriend you can always rely on! 

Do you have a uniform? What’s your fail-safe, go to outfit day to day?

Love, Kat x