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Learn to say no, set boundaries and be assertive! Violet Salt Assertiveness Coach

Are you confident enough to ask for what you want? Or are you a classic people pleaser? Maybe you struggle to say no? If you’ve ever wished you could be more assertive and confident, this podcast interview with Jodie Salt (AKA Violet Salt) is just what you need!

Jodie is an Assertiveness Coach for women. In today’s chat, she’s sharing her expert advice on:

  • Getting what you want!
  • Having difficult conversations
  • Setting boundaries
  • Saying no
  • Assertive communication: sharing your opinion or point of view in a calm, confident and understanding way.

Life is made up of many, many difficult conversations. And to be able to have those is a skill I feel. Assertiveness is a muscle, so today’s episode is full of tips to help you flex and grow that muscle!

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