Taking Time Out With Adagio Teas

A cup of tea is such a self-care ritual for me.

It’s those important pockets of time in my day, where I’m just taking a moment for myself. 
10 more minutes in bed before I start my day. 
An afternoon break when I’ve been slogging away on my laptop. 
Greeting a guest or loved one with the kettle boiling – because a cuppa just makes a good catch up that little bit more special.

Which is why I jumped for joy when Adagio* got in touch and wanted to create a collaborative post together, featuring their beautiful loose leaf teas. 

There’s something about loose leaf that is extra special. When I make the time to pour a pot of loose leaf tea, I find it so relaxing, and you really do notice a difference in the quality.  You’d be surprised how much flavour you lose in a commercial tea bag, which basically contains the scraps at the bottom of the tea barrel. 

Adagio teas are hand-picked and sourced directly from their origin – the flavour of their English Breakfast tea is so unique, with a subtlety that you just don’t get with supermarket brands. 

But don’t worry if black tea isn’t your…cup of tea hah! Adagio have green, chai, herbal, flavoured varieties and more.

Some of my other favourites from the range have been:

Earl Grey Moonlight (this one is aromatic, slightly sweet and creamy, perfect for a morning pick-me-up)
Lemongrass Ginger (ideal after an evening meal before bedtime – aids digestion and caffeine free).
Lemon Meringue Green – Wow! I would not normally pick out green teas, but this one I’m happy to make an exception for. Such a yummy Springtime treat – feel like I need to pair this one with a large slice of the tart its flavour is inspired by. This one is brand new and I can’t currently find it on the website. Hope they put it up soon! 

If you’re like me and always in a rush, Adagio have many solutions to brew with convenience at home. 

They offer the option to buy all their teas with teabags, as well as selling packs of 100 paper tea filters, so you can quickly make your own teabag at home. These are so convenient if you’re making tea for one during a busy workday. 

However, their most exciting product for brewing at home is the IngenuiTEA. It’s a clear single serve teapot that allows you to see the tea steeping. Once you’re happy with the strength, you place it right on top of your mug and it pushes crystal clear tea down, leaving all the loose leaves behind.

Adagio have very kindly sent me an IngenuiTEA set for you guys to try, along with some of their sampler sets so you can pick your favourites before buying the full size. So, head over to my Instagram later today where you can win…

An IngenuiTEA
A Glass Mug to pair with it
1 x Black Teas of China Sampler
1 x Orchard Herbals Sampler
1 x Orchard Green Teas Sampler
1 x Berry Blast Sampler

Basically…a box full of tea to enjoy with your new IngenuiTEA – a fellow tea lover’s dream! So fingers crossed, and please read the terms and conditions in the Instagram post before entering. Good luck!

*Thank you to Adagio for providing their wonderful hand-picked loose leaf teas and tea ware for today’s post and giveaway. 

Love & Good Vibes (and cheers to a good brew!)
Kat x