Starting a Podcast: What It’s Really Like

The end of February marks 2 whole months of hosting Put Yourself First.

This passion project has been months in the making for me, and I’ve learnt so much along the way. Today I wanted to share some of those lessons, thoughts and reflections – for anyone who might be interested in what podcasting is like behind the scenes, or for anyone who might be wanting to start one themselves! 

Hard Work

Okay, so I knew I would have to put the slog into starting the podcast – as I do with anything I set my mind to. I’m not about a half arsed effort, so I was fully prepared to give it my all. However – and that’s a big however – I didn’t anticipate how much work goes into getting it off the ground. 

Starting a podcast is no joke. It takes work. The same amount of work that setting up a whole new website, blog or even business can take. There’s hosting, SEO and a whole host of tech stuff that goes into the back end of it. Along with designing the artwork with my designer, picking the right mic, learning how to edit audio (completely different to video which I’m used to!), deciding on the intro/outro music, and of course – the creative decisions that go into the main content itself, whether that be solo podcasts or interviews. 

I’m grateful that I gave myself a few months leading up to 2018 to get everything ready – I really needed it! So be warned – give yourself a good few months to prep your podcast for launch, especially if you work full time. 

Starting a podcast is no joke. It takes work.

Feedback and Reach

This one is a humble brag that makes me wanna pinch myself daily!

Without sounding big headed…I knew the podcast was good. As I’ve said, I put the hours into making it good. 

What I did not expect was how overwhelming the response has been to it. People who I’ve known for years, who’ve never once had feedback on a video or blogpost, have reached out to say how much they love it. I get weekly messages from people saying they’ve been inspired by an episode, tagging me in their Instagram stories or messaging me privately. I am so, so grateful for the positive feedback so far.

It just goes to show that this platform fits me, fits my message and my audience. Busy women who don’t necessarily have time to watch YouTube videos, but do love to have a podcast in their ears on their commute, at the gym, walking the dog. Podcasting is one of the most accessible content platforms in my opinion, just because it’s so easy and flexible to digest, anytime, anywhere. 

Meeting Amazing People

If you want the perfect excuse to talk to really, really cool people that you admire – start a podcast! 

The thing with podcast interviews is – there’s so much in it for the interviewee. People who have a message to share, a story to tell, amazing content, services or products to sell that will truly help or inspire people – they want to talk to you. And they want to share that with as many people as possible. 

Of course, it goes both ways – a podcast interview is the perfect chance to cross promote and reach new audiences on both sides. But for me, it’s more about connecting with these women because I know their voice will add phenomenal value to the women in my community. And because they’re all just as passionate, positive and willing to share as I am, it’s been so intuitive and natural to connect with the guests I have so far. 

With all that being said, I can say without a doubt I am right where I need to be with my online content at the moment. Podcasting just feels right for me, and I know it’s adding huge value to you lovely lot! 

As always, I love to hear your feedback.

Who do you want me to interview?
What topics do you want me to discuss, with guests or on my own?

Don’t forget, I do short solo episodes every Friday, so if there’s something really specific – whether it be relating to personal development, self care, anything – let me know and I’ll get it in my schedule to discuss. 

And if you’re not already subscribed to Put Yourself First – well, you know what to do! Head here or search Put Yourself First in Apple Podcasts, Soundcloud, Stitcher or TuneIn. 

Love & Good Vibes,
Kat x