Self Love, Pleasure and Seducing Yourself with Asti Maree

In this episode, I chat to the incredibly sexy, sassy and badass Asti Maree, a sexual empowerment coach and founder/CEO of Pleasure Treasures.

Asti is an expert in love, dating and intimacy and has travelled a journey to self-empowerment from holding shame for her body and sexual beliefs to discovering a love for pole dancing which lead to a successful career in stripping. From this new empowered place, Asti used her experience to build her thriving businesses and guide women through their own self-love, body and soul transformation.

She coaches women either 1-1 or through group programs, guiding them into a more pleasurable, more conscious, sexy and embodied state of mind. She has also built up her business ‘Pleasure Treasures’ selling glass sex toys to help everyBODY get to their ultimate pleasure. “If it feels good, do it”

I hope this episode will connect, resonate and activate something within you to lean into your own self-pleasure and give you the permission slip to treat yourself as “the one” and put your pleasure first. 

We talk about:

  • Asti’s story and her journey from the shame and struggles with body image to her healing and stepping into body confidence and self-love through the power of pole and stripping. 
  • How she took everything she’d learnt and experienced and used it to give back and empower other women in a supportive manner through coaching.
  • How important it is to learn self-pleasure in order to carry it through into your romantic and sexual relationships.
  • Why we should flip the narrative and give ourselves the permission to put pleasure first so that we’re in alignment and work from a place of ease and flow; feeling good = attracting good.

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