Say No To Something This Week

Here’s an interesting challenge for you…say no to something this week. 

So often on social media quotes, motivational Youtube videos, everything success related on the internet – it’s all about grabbing every opportunity life throws at you. Whilst I truly agree that if you are pursuing a certain path, you should absolutely give it 100% effort, commitment and determination – don’t become a ‘yes man’. 

One of the best pieces of advice I’ve received from mentors? Take time to reflect and never make a final decision in the moment.

Whenever I receive any opportunity – an email, an invite, a brand that wants to work with me, a new client, a friend needing a favour, whatever it is. I always take a step back and think about my decision before I reply. It has saved me so many times from feeling resentful towards someone because I felt forced into something, or like I was guilt tripped into it.

It’s lead me away from clients who weren’t a right fit for me, and towards the clients who I can truly serve with my work. It’s allowed me more space in my diary for self care, because it’s not completely overbooked with no time off. It’s meant I can spend my time wisely – with my loved ones, looking after my health, pursuing my goals. Doing the things that really matter to me and the people I care about, because I’ve not put other’s needs above my own. 

Whilst it can be really challenging in the moment to say a polite “no thanks”, sometimes it really is the right decision for you. So I challenge you this week to say no to something…

A social invite that you really don’t fancy because you’d rather spend the night in.
A work opportunity that doesn’t align with your goals.
Maybe it’s a huge decision that you feel pressured to say yes to by others, but you know in your heart that it’s not meant for you. 

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