My Spotify Motivation Playlist!

Today’s post is a bit of fun! I’m sharing my motivation playlist on Spotify with you. 

Tomorrow’s video is all about how to stay motivated. So stay tuned for that as there’s loads of great tips. 

However, I realised one thing I missed off, which is so simple, is music! Music is a huge mood booster on those days you just need a kick start. 

Technically, this is my gym playlist, but I’ve definitely been known to play this in the car on the way to a new client’s home (feeling nervous AF) or just at home getting ready for a long day of work. It’s full of my favourite feel good songs and gives me a huge boost of positivity and motivation!

Of course, it’s great to make your own and I definitely recommend you do. I just thought I’d share mine if you want to nick a few songs off it! ????

See you in tomorrow’s video.

Love, Kat x 

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