My 2019 Bullet Journal Setup

Hey guys! I wanted to share my simple 2019 Bullet Journal Setup with you as I got started last week.

This is how I plan to organise my work and life this year, including my monthly, weekly and daily pages. I keep it really basic and minimalist – as much as I love looking at other people’s pretty pages, I just don’t have time or inclination to make mine aesthetically pleasing. It’s my ‘get sh*t done quick’ routine that I can do in 10 minutes or less.

That being said, Bullet Journals are so individual and you should take only inspiration and ideas away from these videos. The beauty of the Bullet Journal is it’s totally customisable, so I encourage you to attack it with a trial and error mindset and tweak accordingly for your schedule. When you find a layout and system that works for you, it’s the best feeling and seriously keeps you on track and focused!

My Bullet Journal notebook is the classic Leuchtturm1917, the most popular choice amongst journalers – but I recommend trying it out in a cheap pound shop notebook before you commit to a lovely one! Just to make sure it’s right for you, as I know some people just prefer a pre-dated diary.

When you’ve watched the video, would love you to let me know what you think either here or on Instagram (@kat_horrocks) – tag me in your BuJo posts on stories, I’m nosey and love to see how you organise your life. 🙂