Motherhood, Maternal Health and Pregnancy Loss with Latoya Ford, Pure Nourish

Motherhood Maternal Health and Pregnancy Loss Put Yourself First podcast interview latoya ford pure nourish

TW: Pregnancy Loss & Maternal Health discussed in honest detail today.

Thank you to Latoya Ford for sharing her honest journey in motherhood, business and wellbeing. These conversations are so important in breaking down the stigma of motherhood and maternal health issues, so women don’t have to suffer in silence or feel alone!

It feels especially poignant as we saw Chrissy Teigen openly sharing her late term pregnancy loss and the backlash of comments online that surfaced policing her grief. It’s this stigma contributing to women struggling to open up about a (sadly) common experience millions of women face.

It’s women like Latoya who are bravely sharing and opening the conversation to help women feel less alone in this. In turn, breaking down the shame and judgement that women can experience with pregnancy loss.

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