Manchester ❤️????

I’ve spent the last week in mourning. Manchester is my home. My heart aches for the people who lost their lives, and their family members for having to live with that loss. Of course, atrocities are happening all over the world and I wish I could send bucketfuls of love to everyone in pain, but this one hit SO close to home it’s going to sting for a while. 

I don’t have anything to say this week, other than live your fucking life. 

Give love freely and generously, to yourself and others. Follow your dreams. Savour all the pleasures and moments of beauty in life, big and small. Wake up everyday with a heart of gratitude. Let go of grudges, and fear, and doubt, and any negative energy or beliefs that are NOT serving you. Give your loved ones your presence, your gratitude and an extra cuddle. 

If you love someone, tell them every single day…and that includes yourself! 

I am proud to be from Manchester. My favourite city in the whole world – a city of culture, community, history, progression, diversity and hard graft. A city I will always call home.

Sending love, prayers and light to all global citizens effected by terrorism, hatred and senseless violence. We are one.