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Letting go of what’s no longer serving me in 2019

As much as I love that New Year buzz, this time of the year really gets me going.

That initial motivation has long worn off, but the small changes we have made in our lives are starting to take shape and have a huge impact. For me, what you let go of this year is just as important as what you add to your life.

So in the spirit of that, here are 19 things that are no longer serving me in 2019.

I realised the other day that all these things, some things I’ve struggled with for years…I’m slowly letting that shit go!

  1. Constantly staring at my phone – 2019 is the year of the social media detox. Hello books, hello real life conversations, hello walks in the sunshine, looking up at my surroundings and people watching.
  2. Constantly being ‘contactable’ (more on this coming next week!)
  3. Wasting time worrying about other people’s acceptance
  4. Wasting time worrying full stop. It’s not productive!
  5. Working harder instead of smarter – in 2019, it’s quality over quantity
  6. Holding myself back from being vulnerable – because I (wrongly) believed that being a life coach meant having your sh*t together all the time. 100% not true.
  7. Maxing out my schedule
  8. Allowing people to overstep my boundaries – and not having the self-respect to stop them doing so
  9. Limiting beliefs about money
  10. Running away from difficult conversations – the strongest relationships are grown from working through those difficult conversations and speaking your truth
  11. Not getting enough sleep
  12. Trying to be everything for everyone – you’ll disappoint everyone, especially yourself
  13. Pouring myself into relationships that aren’t an energetic match – embracing my need for give and take and saving my precious energy for those who are ready and waiting to share theirs with me too
  14. Saying yes to everything – being a ‘yes’ man is a sure fire way to end up burnt out. Speak to 2018 Kat, she’ll tell you!
  15. Saying no to myself
  16. Hangovers. ????????
  17. Not allowing myself and my business to be visible online – not telling people what I do and shouting about the work that I do and the feedback my clients share
  18. Shrinking my views and opinions to appease others
  19. Not sharing any hard topic for fear of being ‘called out’ or not wording things perfectly.

Now I’d love to know – what’s no longer serving you in 2019? Are you letting it go?

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