How to say no (without feeling AWFUL) when you’re too Busy!

Yes that’s right…Today’s video is all about saying no more. More specifically, how to say no to people and opportunities that aren’t right for you, when you’re too busy trying to smash your own goals and carve your own path! 

One of my top 10 goals this year is to say no to the opportunities that don’t serve me. And whilst that might sound really selfish, it’s not at all. 

There’s only so many projects we can work on. There’s only so many favours we can offer. There’s only 24 hours in each day. Sometimes, in saying no to some people, we can say yes to ourselves.

I hope the video encourages you to have those open, honest dialogues with people about your time. You deserve to and SHOULD prioritise your time to get to where you need to be. 

Happy hump day! See you in tomorrow’s blogpost 🙂

Love, Kat x