How to Nail Your Next Career Move with Nish Career Coach

This podcast episode is dedicated to all things career and I talk to Nish about how to become more happy, successful and fulfilled within your work. We cover her story, nailing your CV, taking the next step into a new industry and how to negotiate, whether that be a job offer or a promotion.

Nish is a career coach who guides women to find a career they love talking about and ooze confidence in. She left her 9-5 job in charity work to concentrate on taking her business full time and to help women take the leap into finding their true potential within their careers.  

We discuss:

  • Nish’s journey from charity worker to full-time career coach and how the opportunity to change her own career came about during lockdown and isolating while having covid.
  • How after a period of coaching sessions with myself, she gained more confidence and became mentally prepared to take her business to the next level and experienced the ‘whoosh’ effect which lead to her powerful career transformation.
  • The learning curves of building your own business, the different energy you need to bring in order not to become complacent and the responsibility you have to take for yourself and your actions in order to succeed. 
  • The importance of owning your journey and leaning into what lights you up most, aligning your values and questioning what you really don’t want to do to project you towards what you really do want to do. 
  • How the time spent on inner work and your mindset pays off in the long run, there is no quick fix, align your values and wait for everything you want.
  • Priceless top tips on how to prepare for interviews, negotiate job offers and how to ask for a promotion/pay rise.

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