How To Become A Morning Person!

My opinions on mornings are somewhat controversial.

Amongst the Monday morning, 10 cups of coffee memes, sits me, feeling excited for a new week and ready to smash the day. I bloody love mornings! Mornings are when I’m most energised, productive, creative. On a good day, I’ve smashed the majority of my to do list by lunch time – I much prefer to rise early and switch off earlier in the afternoon/evening. However, if that’s not you – then this ‘how to become a morning person’ video full of tips and tricks should help you out.

I believe it’s 50% mindset and 50% lifestyle.

If you can honour both these things and work to make them optimal, I believe becoming a morning person is largely a conscious decision. In the same way we can choose to improve a certain trait of ours – like organisation, time keeping or a skill like numbers or public speaking. Practice makes perfect! 

If you feel like you and your lifestyle would benefit from becoming a morning person, I’d love you to watch today’s video. Let me know if you’ll be following the steps, and please tweet me @kat_horrocks to let me know how you’re getting on. 

Decide today to commit to an amazing healthy habit and routine, and good luck! 

Love, Kat x