How My Morning Routine Has Changed My Life

I know it sounds dramatic – but my morning routine has changed my life.

Seriously – that hour of completely uninterrupted time to myself in the morning holds so much value. 

Self Care

That hour is my self care practice. It’s nurturing my mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health, in big and small ways. Whether it’s time to head to the gym before a busy day to make my body strong and resilient. Time to create myself a delicious, nourishing breakfast to fuel my work day. Time to feed my SOUL with meditation, being present and having a moment of quiet mindfulness.

Self care is so important to me, but it can feel near impossible to squeeze in to a busy day of working with clients, meetings, time with family, friends, Adam. That hour alone in the morning is so precious, and helps me be the best ME for the people I care about. 

Personal Development

Do you learn something new every single day? Thanks to my morning routine, I do! Even just 20 minutes to read a good book with a cup of tea is plenty of time to get inspired, read someone’s story, learn a new tip, trick or technique in an area that you want to develop. 

For me, I’m always reading about how I can be more productive, but also how I can work on things like my mindset and my spiritual practices in order to believe in myself, be confident and go for my goals without letting any fear or doubt stop me. Reading about this on a daily basis is constantly reinforcing how important it is for me to grow as a person. 

Whether it’s the field you work in, your favourite hobby, or an area you want to start a new project or business in – a morning routine is the perfect time to dedicate to personal development and growth. 

Discipline & Routine

As much as I love the freedom of being self employed, being able to make certain decisions about my work schedule – I often choose quite a structured routine for my day to day workflow. I love the discipline of getting up at the same time every morning, being ready to start work at around the same time. My creativity and productivity thrive on that structure and schedule, it’s like my comfort zone. 

So getting up every morning at 5-6AM to do my morning routine, it just adds to the discipline and structure of my work day. It switches my creativity on, and stimulates my brain to focus on my to do list for the day. 

If there’s a week I fall off track and am sleeping in, no alarms, no structure and just running around like a headless chicken, I feel it. I’m lethargic, I can’t focus, I’m quick to sweat the small stuff because I’m not as present or calm. It serves me and my work SO much more if I have that disciplined routine set in place. 

Begin As You Mean To Go On

I truly believe in the power of starting on a positive note. 

I start my day with self care. With me time. With movement and strengthening my body. With getting present and meditating. With personal growth and development. With positive vibes, energy and productivity.

I start as I mean to go on! And it really does have a significant impact on the rest of my day – it sets the tone to smash my to do list, not get distracted by social media headlines, be kind and loving to myself and everyone around me, and to treat myself and others with respect through every choice I make. 

Do you have a morning routine – and do you feel like it’s changed your life as well? I’d love to hear your story! Comment below, tweet me or email me at

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