Heal Your Relationship with Food with Becca at B Strong Coaching

This episode with Becca Kirkpatrick, founder of B Strong Coaching, is an insightful talk all about finding food freedom, having a healthy, positive body image and how to achieve insane results without restricting anything from your life.

Becca works with women to heal their relationship with food and help make them feel like their happiest, healthiest selves. 

We talk about:

  • Our personal journey of working together and helping each other over the past year 
  • The steps to take in order to overcome stress/comfort eating and how to stop the restrict/overeat cycle many of us find ourselves in and struggle with
  • Habits, overcoming them and how she has helped me shift and change my mindset around them
  • Becca’s business journey and the steps she’s taking to take her business to the next level

Listen to the pod:

Connect with Becca:

Web: bstrong.pt

IG: @bstrong.coach

Connect with Me:

IG: @kat_horrocks

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