Celynn Morin Registered Dietician Put Yourself First Podcast Interview French lifestyle and wellness tip

French Lifestyle and Wellness Tips – The Champagne Campaign with Celynn Morin RD

Celynn Morin RD is back on the podcast today to talk about how women can embrace more celebration, connection, curiosity and joy in their lives. Who doesn’t want more of that?!

Celynn shares her new Champagne Campaign, which is all about encouraging women to celebrate themselves, celebrate their lives and embrace the present moment.

Celynn is French South African and shares many tips on how we can slow down our hectic lives, improve our wellbeing, manage stress and feel better! We can all pick up some tips on wellness and balance from the French lifestyle.

You’re going to pick tons of tips up in this one that you can go away and try today. So let us know your biggest takeaway on Instagram. x

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