Personal style and sustainability with Sophia at Fine Tuned Wardrobe

sophia fine tuned
Sophia will help you reorganise, restyle and resell your clothes so that your wardrobe reflects YOUR style, makes you feel confident and does good for the planet.

This week on Put Yourself First, Sophia talks about her passion for sustainability, shopping second-hand, and helping women feel confident and excited about their wardrobe.

If you’ve ever opened your wardrobe and sighed, felt miserable or just not felt like YOU, then this one is for you. ??

Sophia also gives us a peek behind the scenes running her business as a busy working Mama! Such a positive one this week, it’ll make you wanna clear out your wardrobe and go thrifting for some planet-friendly finds ?

If you’re hopeless with dressing yourself (??‍♀️) or your wardrobe mess gives you anxiety (??‍♀️), then Sophia is on hand with her amazing services. Make sure you tag us on Instagram Stories when you’re tuning in and let us know what you think! ?

Listen here or search for Put Yourself First Podcast in your podcast app.

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