Falling in Love With Photography

Photography has always been something I’ve struggled with as a blogger.

It’s hard when you don’t feel like the photographs on your blog reflect the quality of your content. I’ve always been a confident writer, but never knew my way around a DSLR. In fact, they terrified me! Being bombarded with perfect Instagram feeds every day doesn’t help with comparison and frustration at my lack of photography skills. 

However, all that has changed in the past 6 months. I have WeBlogMCR to thank for A LOT – their incredible photography workshops with Georgie Glass have taught me so much. If you’re in/around the Manchester area, definitely keep up to date with us, as I’m sure Georgie will be putting more photography workshops on in the future. She’s a wonderful photographer, but breaks things down in an easy to understand way, and totally understands the Instagram worthy pictures that a lot of bloggers aspire to emulate.

I’m now confidently using Manual mode with my camera. I’m nowhere near perfect and constantly learning, but just being able to fiddle about with the settings when the weather’s a bit dull, or I want to focus on a subject and make the background blurry is amazing. Something I never thought I’d be able to do. Upgrading to the Canon 700D and the Sigma 30mm lens was intimidating, and honestly I was too scared to properly use it until this year, having had it for at least 6 months previously. I know many other bloggers will feel the same! We buy this equipment because our favourite content creators use it, but haven’t a clue how to even focus the damn things. 

Fingers crossed you see a serious progression in the quality of photography on this blog and my Instagram this year. I’m still finding my feet with my aesthetic, style and ‘mood’ I want my photographs to have, but at the moment I’m just experimenting, putting lots of thought into my photos and enjoying being creative in a new way! Make sure you’re following here and on Instagram so you don’t miss a post. 

Love, Kat x 

P.S – First image taken by Vicki Mellard – thanks lovely!