Creating Life Changing Results for Clients

Put Yourself First Sisterhood

Business owners, repeat after me…

“I want people to experience life-changing results from my work, even if they never pay me a penny”

And yet…

If they do pay you. Hire you. Buy from you. They will receive even more, beyond their wildest dreams.

How can you learn to hold both of these truths in your marketing?

Let’s chat about it…

Some people won’t buy – and that’s okay

There are people in my community, probably reading this very post, that will never buy a single thing from me.

And I’m 100% okay with that.

And 100% still committed to their growth and expansion.

Your work, your vision, your mission goes beyond just you.

This is about impact and legacy.

This is about the DMs that say…

  • “I needed to read this today”
  • “I’ve followed you for a while and just wanted you to know…”
  • “Your podcast meant a lot to me”
  • “I used this advice to start my dream business”

And it didn’t cost her a penny

And this is why…

I don’t struggle with motivation. I move quickly when my intuition and creativity hits. Perfectionism and procrastination are dead to me.

And even on my hardest days, I know it’s 100% worth it.

The best part of all this…

The more I focus on joy, the more women find me.

The more impact I make, the more money I make.

The more I give without expectation, the more I receive.

The more I receive, the more permission and possibility I show you.

The women (like YOU) I am in service to are the reason I do this shit.

When I look back at my life, I want to know that I never settled, I went all in on my dreams and I made a difference.

And for the women who DO invest and work with me? Well, it’s fucking party time!

Action It Here

  1. Look back through your recent content and marketing. Is it creating real results and impact? Does it contain actionable, inspiring or educational content? Try to see it from the perspective of your client/customer
  2. Get crystal clear on the transformation, value or result your business provides. Ask yourself – are you helping your community with this, or just your paid clients/customers? How could you give your community a taste of that result, even if they never pay you a penny?
  3. Remember, ‘life changing’ doesn’t always have to mean making someone £1000’s or helping them meet their soulmate. I’ve worked with virtual assistants, makeup artists, personal trainers and more. All deliver a life changing service in their own way. Define what that transformation looks like for your community.

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