Celebrating a Huge Achievement with a Visit to Mr Cooper’s House & Garden, Manchester

I’ve never been great at celebrating myself.

Goal Setting, organisation, planning ahead. It all comes very naturally to me! But when I actually achieve the things I set out to, I’m quick to move onto the next best thing.

This month I’ve been shortlisted for a Blogosphere Award. Yep, little ol’ me, sharing my tips on motivation, starting a business and the stories of the incredible women I get to speak to! 

So when Mr Cooper’s got in touch to ask if I’d like to enjoy an evening with them – I thought it was the perfect opportunity to actually celebrate something I’ve done. And what a perfect venue for a celebration. 

For a start, their gin selection is top notch. If you know me, you know a gin and tonic is my favourite way to relax! So trying my first ever Brockmans (yum!) whilst we browsed the menu was lovely. 

Spying someone else’s sourdough from across the restaurant, we had to order one ourselves to start. Mini loaves baked fresh in the kitchen every morning, they were so good! Alongside their chicken wings with harissa and chickpea purée, it was the best light bite to start. 

For main, we both went for the spatchcock chicken – mine with the skin on fries, Adam’s with the mash. Boring to some, but we know what we love, and this wasn’t your average chicken and potatoes.

Since eating meat again, I’m learning more and more that quality trumps quantity any day. The quality of the meat was beautiful, and of course, perfectly cooked. 

But we can’t skip over this part without talking about the mash…

I’m not being dramatic – this is the best mash we’ve ever tasted.

Like velvet on the spoon, perfectly seasoned and tasted as if it had just a bit too much butter mixed in, in the best way possible. We could have eaten a vat of it! 

For dessert, I highly recommend the Mr Cooper’s Caramel Tart with mascarpone ice cream (not pictured, oops!). I always judge a restaurant from its dessert selection, and this did not disappoint. Don’t worry – if you’re a chocaholic, the Dark Chocolate Delice (pictured) was perfect too. 

I know I don’t discuss food a lot on the blog, but considering I’m a massive foodie and was really in the mood to celebrate, it was such a lovely evening and big thanks to Mr Cooper’s for inviting us! 

Have you visited Mr Cooper’s? It’s such a unique and lovely venue for a special occasion.