Burnout Prevention and Recovery with Bec Morris

Bec Morris is a Holistic Lifestyle Consultant specialising in helping women to break free from burnout and create sustainable, balanced lifestyles.

Soon after she left University, Bec struggled with anxiety, which manifested mentally and physically. This had a huge impact on her life and it was only upon realisation that she couldn’t continue living in this way, becoming very sick and ‘hitting rock-bottom’ that she took the necessary steps towards healing herself.

She invested heavily into personal development and started implementing healthier habits into her lifestyle. As she took control back over her life, she noticed more and more women suffering. 

At this point she made the decision to become a coach to help these women and avoid them sharing the same story. This is where her goal to help uplift women to lead a healthy, happy life began.

What you’ll learn:

  • How Bec rebuilt her health and life after complete burnout rock bottom
  • The warning signs to watch out for with burnout
  • An explanation of burnout (what’s actually happening and why it happens)
  • The tools, support and steps Bec recommends for a balanced sustainable life (some of them are easy daily practices)

Listen to the pod:

Connect with Bec:

Web: www.becmorris.co.uk

IG: @_becmorris

Connect with Me:

IG: @kat_horrocks

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