Balancing Time Between Your Social Life and Work When You’re Busy AF

I think your 20’s/30’s is a challenging time for friendships. So much is going on in our personal lives, we can feel pulled in 10 different directions – and often, we can find ourselves growing apart from friends we’ve known for years. There are so many paths we go down in life, but particularly in our first adult decade, we’re often pulled between kids, career, travel, relationships, mortgages and more. Before you know it, your lives can look completely different, and you can go months, even years, without seeing them.

If you find yourself on a different schedule to your friends, growing apart, or feeling constant guilt about not seeing them, I hope today’s video helps you out. It’s a practical look at not only how I stay in touch with friends and organise to see them regularly, it’s also an encouragement to be open and honest with your friends about how much time you have to give to them. Which, in turn, I feel has strengthened the intimacy I have with my closest friends. 

Let me know what you think, and if you have any personal questions to ask, don’t hesitate to email me at – I’d be happy to support you! 

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