A Common Abundance Leak You Could Be Making

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Are you wishing money would flow to you, but not letting your money flow?

This a common ‘abundance leak’, a space where intention doesn’t match energy.

Energy is everything because it is intuitively felt.

You can say you want something, but if your energy and actions say differently, that’s what life will mirror back to you.

This could show up in…

  • Freebie hunting
  • Feeling entitled, impatient or resentful
  • Waiting for the ‘right’ time
  • Saying “When X happens, THEN I’ll do this”

If you say you want to grow your business, hit your income goals, reach dream clients and customers…

But you won’t invest £££ into yourself as a CEO to make that happen.

Can you see the disconnect there?

This is not about bankrupting yourself, overspending or being irresponsible.

This is about going first and staking your claim, so the investment can come back to you tenfold.

When you say,

“Yes please that’s for me”

instead of,

“Not until I get something first”

The Universe sees that.

Your clients, customers, and community see it too.

And it’s magnetic as fuck!

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