Reflecting on 2019 so far & the 90-day goal method I use for success

Reflecting on the first quarter of 2019. Where I’m at with my 90-day goals and what I’m focusing on (and letting go of) in this next quarter.

To recap:

My 2019 Goals

  1. Find and buy our 1st home
  2. Make peace with money and know my numbers
  3. Tell the world what I do at least once a week
  4. Connect with myself daily
  5. Put myself and my priorities at the top of my to-do list

My 90-day goals for January-March (smaller milestones)

  1. Start viewing houses
  2. Daily meditation/reading in the morning
  3. Weekly check-in and business overview
  4. Plan work day the evening before
  5. Look at my schedule before saying yes or no

Find out how I got on and what I’m focusing on for Quarter 2!

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