10 minute morning rituals for a great day

As an early bird, morning routines and rituals have a huge impact on how I feel for the rest of my day. Even if you’re not in the 6AM club, these are a few rituals I’ve added into my morning to improve my day, mood…and life! Bonus – it only has to take 10 minutes!

So here are 5 10-minute morning rituals that I’m loving recently – why not try 1 or 2?


How sad is it that as adults, we don’t make time to read?! For a lot of us, myself included, it was my favourite thing to do as a child. Delve into a story, or if you’re like me, delve into a topic you’re passionate about.

Spending time in a book first thing and not on my phone expands my mind and makes me head into my day full of thoughts and ideas. I’m currently reading Brené Brown’s Daring Greatly and it’s really made me challenge how kind (or unkind) I am to myself when it comes to fear and vulnerability.


Meditation changes me as a human. Not only does it positively impact my day…I actually notice when I’ve not done it too! For the sake of my relationships, my business, my health and everything else I care about…10 minutes to get some headspace is essential.

I use the free Insight Timer app, and I love it!


A slow, intentional morning is the ideal way to start the day

Breathing Room

Rushing is the most stressful thing for me! Running out the door to get to my first meeting, with barely any time to even breathe, never mind cook a healthy breakfast or do my hair.

A slow, intentional morning is the ideal way to start the day, whenever I can fit it in. Setting my alarm just 10-20 minutes earlier than I need it to be gives me some breathing space to enjoy getting ready and begin my day with a calm, relaxed mindset.A slow, intentional morning is the ideal way to start the day

Skin, skin skin

I’m never gonna be a low maintenance girl. I wanna look good and I’m happy to spend time doing so, in fact I find it therapeutic. However, having a quick self-care moment in the morning that makes me feel good and means I’m out the door quicker, has made a huge difference.

For me, it’s all about skin. I’m happy to slap on minimal makeup if it means I’ve spent that extra couple minutes massaging in my hot cloth cleanser, layering some serum and remembering my SPF (so important people!!) Some more tint/bronze on my face, concealer, mascara, brows, and I can be ready in 10-15 minutes.

Is this a vital step? For some people, no. But looking good does lead to feeling good for me, and fitting a minimal beauty routine into my morning allows me to face the day, even when motivation is low!

Morning Brew

Controversially, I’ve never been a huge coffee shop person. I’d much rather make my own drink at home (it’s a cuppa tea for me as well!) and savour it in a quiet moment, than be rushing into a coffee shop on the go.

Particularly this year when I’m being really conscious with money, a hot tea (or 3…) before I leave the house is not only a sacred 10 minutes in my day, it’s also way cheaper! Coffee and tea lovers reading will understand, the ritual of making a hot drink – the moment of stillness whilst you wait for it to brew, your favourite mug, the first sip whilst enjoying your book, the papers or in my case, a podcast. There’s nothing quite like it, and if you’re usually one to grab on the go, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised if you can tie tip number 3 in with a lovely hot cuppa! Now throw some marmite on toast into the equation and that’s my dream morning right there.

What do you like to do in the mornings to start your day on the right foot?

Photography by Georgie Glass