Put Yourself First Sisterhood

Put yourself first & manifest a life even better than your vision board

Welcome to the next level of your life, where joy, freedom and dreams coming true is a given.

Ready to step into your higher self? She’s waiting within you.

Put Yourself First Sisterhood

Hi, I'm Kat

Mindset and Manifestation Coach. Speaker. Spiritual Guide for ambitious women. 

My mission is to empower generations of women to put themselves first and manifest a life beyond their wildest dreams.

I’m so glad you’re here and I believe your intuition lead you here. I’d love to share more about this life-changing work with you.

Kat is phenomenal in what she does. Everything she does is with the aim of empowering women.


Free Training! From Surviving to Thriving in 6 Months

In this 15 minute training, I’m giving you instant access to the bespoke, proven method that I use to help my clients grow, heal and manifest beyond their wildest dreams. 

Manifest Your Vision Free Workshop Kat Horrocks

Start Your Transformation

There's something for every ambitious woman to get started

Manifest Your Dream Life Ritual

Proven tools that have helped 100's of my clients to manifest! This guided, plug and play ritual is expertly designed to be your daily dose of high f*cking vibes. Consider it your mindset and manifestation secret weapon!

The Put Yourself First Sisterhood™

The community membership supporting your mindset and manifestation journey. For less than £1.50, you'll have access to an incredible circle of support, and £1000's worth of personal and spiritual growth resources.

1:1 Coaching & Healing

Deep transformation and bespoke support, for lasting shifts in your mindset, energy, self image and goals. If you're truly ready to change your life, clear out your mindset blocks for good - and be unrecognisable in a few months time. This is for you.

Next Level You

The 10 week course to dive into your manifestation and spiritual awakening journey. Connect with your Higher Self and become the main character of your story, so you can start co-creating your vision board in reality! The woman you're here to be is waiting for you on the other side.

My Next Event: Put Yourself First Live!

15th June @ Space at the Mill, Manchester

A soulful sisterhood event for women who are done with settling and are ready to stand in their power.

Get ready for an energising day full of immersive workshops, sisterhood connection and breakthrough moments.

The Sisterhood quite honestly helped me achieve 6 years of progress in 6 months