Winter Self Care Rituals

Let’s talk Winter self-care! Anyone else get in a funk at this time of year? These are simple things I like to do to feel good.

Nourishing myself!

Looking after myself despite the darker nights, despite the parties with one too many drinks, despite the endless plans and work deadlines. I try to stick as much as I can to my regular routines – 3 good meals a day, a healthy snack when I’m peckish alongside my festive faves (Lindt advent calendar anyone?) so I’m keeping my immune system happy and healthy and (fingers crossed) cold-free!


Something I can easily neglect in Winter. I find it really unappealing to reach for a cold glass of water when I wanna get cosy. Make sure you’re topping up with hot drinks if you’re the same. I like to switch out my regular tea for decaf or herbal caffeine-free varieties. A personal fave at the moment is my happy hormone tea (as I’ve named it!) from Nikki Hill (listen to her podcast interview about hormonal health!) – need to do a whole post on hormone stuff after our podcast interview!

I was kindly gifted this lovely glass tea infuser from Global WAKEcup to take my loose leaf tea on the go. It’s 100% recyclable and of course, reduces unnecessary plastic use. Perfect treat to yourself or gift for an eco-friendly mate this Christmas. ????


Movement that feels good.

You couldn’t pay me to go for a run at this time of year. If you’re the same, don’t beat yourself up – just adjust your routine! Now I can exercise again I’ll be adding some restorative yoga into my routine to get my flexibility/mobility back.

Getting more steps in here and there is also really helpful – e.g. parking a 15-minute walk from my meeting – it’s small but adds up to a lot throughout the day. If I can get out on a proper walk, I just wrap up loads and stick a podcast in to distract me from the cold. Take your WAKEcup with you to hydrate and it doubles up as a lovely hand warmer. ????

Embracing Hygge life!

If you’re craving simple, restorative and slow activities – embrace it! This time of year is about loved ones, reflection, nourishment and rest. Cancel your Friday plans and stay in. Make a ridiculously good hot chocolate with half a bag of marshmallows. Find a feel-good Netflix show. Put your fave PJs on. Journal and reflect on your year and everything you’ve achieved.

Don’t be afraid to embrace a less is more approach to Winter. There’s so much going on, it can feel like you need to be at a party every weekend, out shopping for gifts all the time, doing the rounds with the family. Of course, if that’s important to you, make time for it – but don’t forget to check in with yourself and allow yourself moments to just be.

What are your go-to rituals to look after yourself in Winter?