Why You Should Be Self Prescribing Rest

I looked at my calendar last month and realised that, never mind have I not had a ‘proper’ holiday this year (as in…spend a week elsewhere sightseeing, sunbathing and generally not staring at my phone 24/7) …I hadn’t had longer than 2-3 days off at a time since my birthday in January. That’s January to August, doing 5-6 days a week most weeks. I’m not complaining whatsoever here, because I am in control of my work schedule and I adore my work. However, it was a huge eye opener to why I felt such intense burnout in the past couple months. This is why I think it’s so important to self prescribe rest.

If you’re anything like me, you get so caught up in the hustle and bustle of life, time can run away with you and before you know it, it’s been months before you’ve taken some time off. 

Particularly if you’re self employed, you could spend every hour of your waking day doing something productive. The to do list never ends! Which is why, going into 2018, I’m self prescribing myself rest. Just as you have your holiday ‘allowance’ set aside in a full time job, I’m consciously setting aside time in a more flexible way that suits my business. Whether that’s a long weekend every other month, or booking our Summer holiday far in advance so I make sure I don’t accidentally fill that week with work (which I am continuously guilty of doing).

I hope this concept of self prescribing rest has inspired you today – whether it’s a relaxing evening by yourself, a fun weekend away with friends or the holiday of your lifetime – make the decision to set aside that time for yourself. You are in control and you not only need but deserve that extended self care. 

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