Why You Need to Fuel Your Hustle With Self Care

When it comes to hustle and self-care, I believe the two aren’t mutually exclusive.

If anything, one fuels and facilitates the other. Putting ourselves first means making time for our personal goals AND our personal wellbeing, in whatever way that looks like for us. 

In our society, everything is portrayed as fairly black and white. You’re guilty when you’re not working because you don’t feel productive – you’re guilty when you are working because you’re not with your family, at the gym, or *insert other personal priority*

Don’t fall into the trap of feeling guilty when you’re not hustling – fuel your hustle with self-care

Why don’t we embrace both, and embrace the fact that a balance between the two can help us thrive in all areas of our lives? 

That’s what I’m chatting about in today’s video! I hope you find my chat encouraging. 

Love & Good Vibes,
Kat x