Why Done is Better Than Perfect – Written by a Recovering Perfectionist!

As a blogger, creative person and business owner, I am a recovering perfectionist! 

Whether it’s a blogpost, an email to an important person or a new project like my podcast – there comes a point where the perfectionist in me tries to take over…

Just wait a few more weeks ’til it’s the perfect time. 

Just rework it once more to make sure it reads perfectly. 

Just do a bit more research before you start that project, to make sure you have the perfect equipment and know exactly how to make it a success.

Done is better than perfect.

This is a phrase I learnt from Marie Forleo, someone I massively respect. And it’s so, so true. 

Because in life, nothing is ever perfect. And the mean perfectionist voice in your head is, quite frankly, lying to you. Nothing will ever be perfect, especially the first time around, but that’s the beauty of creating something. You get to learn, and grow, and hone your craft. 

So I hope today’s video offers you some encouragement to just start where you are – because done (or doing) is way better than waiting ’til it’s perfect. Promise! 

Love & Good Vibes,
Kat x