Why Date Nights Are Necessary!

Fulfilling relationships are about experiences.

Date night. It’s such a well-known phrase amongst couples old and new.

It’s the one thing I always hear brought up when people are discussing relationship advice. And after 8+ years, I have to agree! 

I think fulfilling relationships are about experiences. Experiencing things together as a couple, rather than as individuals, is what brings two people closer. Whether that be new places, new phases of life, new hobbies, new ideas, new conversations. Too much of the mundane can leave you feeling stagnant, and I think growth and momentum in every area of life is always necessary.

We always try and recognise when life’s been a bit boring, and we’ve let ‘all work and no play’ creep into our schedule. Date nights are an easy solution, as long as you make the commitment to them! 

Adam and I love food. It’s a huge part of our life. We have a running list of restaurants to visit on Adam’s Notes app. So naturally, we take date night food very seriously. The table is booked, the menu is perused, the reviews are scrutinised. I’ve usually got excited about what I’m ordering before we even arrive.

Now when it comes to pizza, the seriousness of the situation skyrockets. We actually have a pizza hierarchy, and I was keen to see if Adam agreed with my Tre Ciccio ranking…

I was lucky enough to try out Tre Ciccio in Altrincham when they launched earlier this year, and they kindly invited us back recently.

Authentic Neapolitan pizza, really fair prices and a casual relaxed atmosphere. The kinda place you can enjoy in jeans and a tee on a hot day, and not feel underdressed or out of place. I recommend you ask for a spot on their terrace at this time of year, it’s bright, comfy and perfect for a Summer evening meal.

Okay so the pizza. As I said, I had fond memories of my first Tre Ciccio pizza slice, even though it had been a few months. They did not disappoint, and I think Adam agrees with my high ranking. 

I am a total convert to Neapolitan style pizza – the dough is fermented during the resting process, and baked in the pizza oven for very little time. This means the texture is softer and feels a lot lighter on your digestive system. They also use a lot less cheese, so all round the food is really fresh and enjoyable to eat without that stuffed feeling, even down to the last bite. 

If you’re a carnivore and like your food to have some ‘kick’ to it like me, I recommend the Diavola pizza. The ‘Nduja melts in your mouth and tastes so rich. However, I also loved their traditional chicken and potatoes dish I tried last time I was there. The courgette fries are also a must on the side – and they’re basically one of your five a day. ????If you need something sweet like me, their gelato selection is just what you need to round off an Italian feast.

Simple, no-frills but delicious and packed with seasoning – our favourite type of food to eat and why I love Italian food so much! 

What’s your favourite cuisine for a foodie date night with your partner?