What’s Wrong With Wellness? Balance, Intuition and Getting Rid of the Guilt with Float Festival


What’s wrong with the wellness industry, and when did things get so shaming?

I’m chatting with the founders of Float Festival today. A wellness festival based in Manchester, dedicated to providing a 360 experience of true wellness. Body, Mind and Spirit.

Founders Laura and Daisy share some sneak peeks you can expect on the day, and we dive into some deep topics such as:
♡ Why mental health should go hand in hand with physical health
♡ Letting go of shame or guilt around our choices
♡ How we can make intuitive decisions, from what’s on our plate to the decisions we make

A really amazing chat full of nuggets of wisdom!

Float Festival is on Saturday 22nd September in Manchester City Centre

Support Float Festival and Buy Tickets


Support Laura & Daisy, the Founders

The Vibrancy Hub (Laura)

Yolk (Daisy)

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