What my first 1 star podcast review taught me about criticism

Picture this: It’s a sunny morning. I’m sitting down at my desk with a cup of hot tea. Life is awesome.

“I know, I’ll check in on the podcast feedback”

Making a note of the downloads. Awesome. Checking out how many listens we’ve got this week. Yay!

And then I saw it…the 1-star review on iTunes.

Now before you get your violin out to play me a sad song…there’s a happy ending to this story.

There’s no getting around it. Negative comments suck. Horribly.

Of course, there was the initial “oh god what am I doing this podcast is crap and why did I bother?” moment.

But when I actually stopped to consider my calm, rational thoughts on this, I realised how much I’ve grown and can handle the fact that not everyone is gonna like me.

Repeat after me…
Not everyone is gonna like me.
Not everyone is gonna like my work.
Some people are probably gonna hate my work.
And that’s absolutely fine.

What would be the point in targeting our audience, profiling our dream client, all these exercises in getting specific – if we kicked off big time when people pointed out how specific and niche our stuff is?! When people outside of that profile say, “hey this isn’t for me! Just wanted to let you know”.

Because the truth is, I don’t want everyone to like me.

I want every single woman listening to my podcast to feel inspired, to take away something from every episode, to feel just a little bit more encouraged to put herself first that day.

And if my croaky voice or my amateur sound quality (working on that one!) puts them off, or the content covered doesn’t get them pumped – then I want them to go and find a podcast that they do love, that can serve their needs!

When you’re content in who you want to buy your product, or work with you, or read your blog, or listen to your podcast – it doesn’t sting so much letting those other people go.

In fact – my new mantra is for every 1 person who isn’t keen on the podcast, or doesn’t decide to coach with me, or just really doesn’t like me – there are 10 other women who feel completely at home when they land on this site. They’re the women I’m focusing on, today and every day.

If you’re struggling with this, I created a video just for you!

This is my step by step how to deal with criticism when it stings like a b*tch.

Whether it’s a negative, throwaway comment on your new business from a family member or your first 1-star review, I hope I can provide some practical steps to support and encourage you to feel better about the situation!

Again, repeat after me – not everyone is gonna like me and I’m absolutely fine with that.

Lots of love,
Kat x

PS – If you do like the podcast or think you’d like it – I’d love you to check it out! New episodes every Monday.