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What is life coaching?

What is life coaching Kat Horrocks Women's life Coach and Career Coach Manchester

I’m very aware that women’s life and career coach isn’t the most straightforward job title. ???? So in the next few weeks, I’ll be sharing some insight into the work that I do with my fabulous clients.

First off, what is life coaching?

Coaching is a personal growth practise where you set aside time to sit down, reflect on your present life, look ahead to your future goals and dreams and, with the support of your coach, take the next steps of your journey to getting where you wanna be. As your coach, I support you to achieve your personal and professional goals, using specific training, exercises, guidance and questions that are tailored to you and your circumstances. (More on what happens in a coaching call in another post)

Most coaches have a particular focus, area of expertise or passion that they work on with clients. I coach women who are craving more passion and purpose in their life, helping them put themselves first and achieve their goals. Hence, life and business/career coach. I’m dedicated to supporting women to find fulfilment and happiness in all areas of their work and life.

Whether my clients:

  • Work 9-5
  • Run their own business
  • Or they want to work on their relationship with themselves (their confidence and mindset, for example)

The same themes come up, again and again.

Imposter syndrome, fear of failure, people-pleasing, struggling to say no, putting way too much on their plate and negative self-talk. ????????‍♀️

These are a handful of the issues I am passionate about, and they come up in coaching conversations weekly! (And go down in my Insta DMs daily!)

????????I am constantly studying these topics, reading up on them and using new exercises/tools to tackle them. Then, I’m putting those into practice, both on myself as a guinea pig and eventually, with my clients.

In my next BTS post, I’ll be sharing more on the difference between coaching, mentoring, counselling and therapy. A question I get asked a lot, as they are all completely different!

Hope this is a helpful insight and answers your queries if you’ve ever asked, “what is life coaching?!” ???? Click here you’d like more info on my coaching programme. You can also reach out via email (contact@kathorrocks.com) and Instagram (@kat_horrocks) if you have any questions.

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