Sarah Greenidge founder of The WellSpoken Mark - can we really trust the wellness industry?

Can we trust the wellness industry? Credibility and evidence with The WellSpoken Mark

Sarah Greenidge is the founder of The WellSpoken Mark. They work with wellness brands to ensure they provide consumers credible, evidence-based info on fitness, nutrition & wellbeing.

This is such an interesting discussion on the origin of the wellness industry, how we can spot fact from fiction and the responsibility that brands and influencers have to provide credible sources of information.

If you’ve ever bought a ‘miracle’ product thinking it was going to change the way you look, feel, move or eat, only to be sorely disappointed when it did none of the above…this chat will be a really interesting one for you!

Find out more about Sarah, The WellSpoken Mark and the Register of Health & Wellness Influencers




Sarah’s Resource
A Whole New Mind: Why Right-Brainers Will Rule The Future by Daniel Pink

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