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The Real Reason You Procrastinate

Here’s the real reason you procrastinate – it might shock you!

We’ve all been there. You should be applying for that dream job, but instead you’re taking your 10th BuzzFeed quiz of the day.

You should be working on your business, or writing that first blog post, sending that email, making that phone call. But instead, you decide that now is the time to deep clean the fridge (which, funnily enough, you’ve never seemed to find time for before!)

Procrastination is a b*tch.

It’s the sneaky way of your brain stopping you from completing a task that’s actually important, in favour of something well…not as important.

At peak procrastination, you’ll find me:

  • Deep cleaning my entire house
  • Watching designer unboxing videos on YouTube, that I have no intention of buying
  • Scrolling on the ‘gram (standard).

The thing that irritates me about procrastination – and people’s attitude towards it – is it becomes a personality trait.

It’s equated with someone who is lazy, lacks drive, isn’t gonna go anywhere in life. Maybe you’ve even assigned that persona to yourself!

Wanna know why you really procrastinate?

It’s not because you’re lazy.

It’s because you’re scared.

Fear manifests itself in many behaviours. I’m sure you can relate to being on edge when you’re scared, maybe short-tempered, emotional. For a lot of us, procrastination is high on that list too.

Procrastination is birthed from fear.

Fear of failure.

Fear of rejection,

Fear of humiliation.

Fear of not being enough.

Whatever that thing is that you’re putting off doing. Chances are it’s something important to you. You’re emotionally attached to the outcome of it. You might be secretly hoping, praying, that it all works out.

You get that job you apply for. You thrive in that new class and it’s your newfound hobby. Your parents are proud of you for revising and passing that exam. Your business takes off. You get a reply to that email.

Procrastination is that little, mean voice in the back of your head that says,

“But what if it doesn’t?”

So this isn’t a post with some quick fix or groundbreaking tip to beat procrastination. We can cover some basics later, but for now, I want to give you permission to own your fear.

Stop calling yourself lazy or unmotivated. Admit that you’re scared.

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