The Power of Manifestation with Kira Matthews

This week’s podcast is FIRE! It’s full of tips, truth bombs and free coaching pointers. It’s a more than one listen episode and definitely worth taking notes on, so grab that pen and paper! 

Kira Matthews is a mindset and manifestation coach working with creatives to help them create and believe in their dream business, using manifestation tools. 

She talks about her journey of turning her situation around during the pandemic by using a lifetime of personal development and manifestation tools to build a successful and fulfilling business. This podcast is so inspiring and there is a wealth of wisdom shared.

Can not wait to hear what you think about this episode and do let us know what your biggest takeaways are from it.

What you’ll learn:

  • Kira’s journey of redefining and transitioning herself from fashion stylist to a manifestation and mindset coach. 
  • Her battles with imposter syndrome and self-doubt and how she used the skills she’d learnt and power of manifesting to overcome them.
  • The necessities of manifestation and laws of attraction
  • How to overcome your limitations and fears and talk yourself into having everything you dreamed of.
  • The importance of building a relationship with yourself, acknowledging your resistance to change and still having the willingness to show up and dive in to what you really want. 

Listen to the pod:

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