The Power of Fragrance, and My Favourite Perfumes

I’m a sucker for a new bottle of perfume.

I’m just obsessed with the power of fragrance. It’s not just to ‘smell good’. It feels transformative. When choosing my perfume for the day (or night), I’m thinking…

Who do I want to be today? How do I want to feel? What first impression do I want others to have of me?

It’s so much more than just scent, it’s literally part of your whole look and persona. It’s an accessory anyone (and everyone) should have at their disposal.

I worked in fragrance for years as a sales assistant (yes, I was that girl who’d chase you down the department store spraying you with samples). So although I’m familiar with the ingredients and formulation of a fragrance – base notes, top notes, etc. – I prefer to describe and remember mine by how they make me feel, and the ‘vibe’ I get from them. 

My Rosie for Autograph is femininity in a bottle

It’s lady like, it’s beautiful, it’s light, it’s a fresh bouquet of flowers and a Summer dress. My go to every day perfume. These are the fragrances I’m most drawn to, as they’re lovely, delicate and easy to wear for all occasions – a real crowd pleaser that often invites a compliment and “ooh I love that, what is it?”.

Similar favourites include Lancome La Vie Est Belle and Giorgio Armani Si. 

My Thierry Mugler Alien is the cool, edgy version of myself I wish I was!

It’s fun, it packs a punch (quite literally if someone sprays too much on), it doesn’t give a shit what anyone else thinks. It’s my ‘cocktails with the girls, out way past my bedtime’ fragrance. 

My Victoria’s Secret Bombshell is sex in a bottle.

I don’t know how they’ve done it, but you literally feel like a VS angel when you wear it. This is my go to date night fragrance….for obvious reasons!  

What are your go to fragrances for different moods and occasions? I can’t wait to hear your recommendations! 

Love, Kat x 

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