Tallia Deljou Transformational Coach Interview on Put Yourself First Podcast

Tallia Deljou on self-discovery, intuitive guidance and your life’s purpose

Tallia Deljou is a transformational coach focused on helping you make space for change and self-discovery. Do you struggle with not knowing what your purpose in life is? Maybe you have a gut feeling or instinct about a certain decision or situation, but you find yourself ignoring it? If so, today’s conversation is perfect for you.

In this episode, we talk intuitive guidance, trusting your gut and how important it is to let that guide you and your goals, without resisting it or trying to control every outcome.

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Tallia’s favourite resource: Power of Receiving by Amanda Owen

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Tallia Deljou Transformational Life Coach on Put Yourself First Podcast - Inspiring quote: ask yourself "who do I choose to be in this situation?"