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“I found myself able to be kinder to myself and others”

Women's life coaching in Manchester


“If you need to work a problem out, see Kat. If you want to improve your outlook on life, see Kat. If you need someone to truly listen, see Kat. If you feel deep down that you can guide yourself to both happiness and success, but you just need to find that key that unlocks it…..that’s Kat.

Kat was a listening ear when I needed, help when I needed to problem solve and move forwards, a reassurance when it was required and a motivation where appropriate.

I just enjoyed how Kat managed to find that perfect balance between allowing me to vent and get emotional things off of my chest, without rushing me, but at the same time always somehow bringing me gently back to a more positive, optimistic and productive perspective on things.

It’s so refreshing to have someone truly listen and attempt to see, feel and assess from your point of view. Not exactly like you would, but as if to hold your hand while you try to work it out. I appreciated that. It’s hard not to enjoy talking to Kat in general, as both her presence and voice are such a calming and soothing influence. For me, these things were an essential base from which motivation could grow from.

Kat’s coaching was both grounding and supportive. Her compassionate outlook on life somehow managed to rub off on me a bit and I found myself able to be kinder to myself and others.”

“I learned that taking time to care for yourself is not only ok but necessary in order to be my best.”

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“It seemed very weird to me to get a life coach, I wasn’t sure what that even was… A dedicated person to care for us, offer human connection and encouragement. Maybe that’s exactly what millennials need – a coach to remind us how to live

Kat is great – she is easy to talk to, caring, understanding and open. I like how she uses her own experiences and shares little tips and tricks from her life and how that can be helpful to you. I learned that taking time to care for yourself is not only ok but necessary in order to be my best.

I particularly liked that the sessions were fairly relaxed so I didn’t have any anxiety over completing homework or impressing Kat in any way, instead, the sessions were something to look forward to.

Working with Kat is like having a lovely, calming friend to chat with but they only wanna know what’s going on with you and offer advice. It seems a little weird and one-sided at first but Kat is great at getting you to open up and feel she is there for you.”

“Kat really helped me focus on myself and what was right for me”

Kat Horrocks Women's Life Coach UK Find your passion and purpose


“Kat really helped me focus on myself and what was right for me and my business. What felt natural and my “sweet spot” when it came to working vs. parenting. I learned more about my strengths and learnt that to delegate didn’t mean I couldn’t do it or that I was failing.

I liked that Kat recorded the main points and actions from each of our sessions in a space online that I could access at any time. It gave me accountability and reassurance that we were making progress. Her goal setting workbook is also immense and now an essential part of my 90-day planning.

Kat is super approachable and a great listener. She gives off an aura of calm and I always feel relaxed having had a session with her. Relaxed and positive! Kat was really beneficial at a crucial turning point for me and my business. She helped me focus when I needed it and was a vital external viewpoint. I loved that she understood my creative business in a new industry.

A lot of entrepreneurs debate whether there’s value in coaching sessions, I’d say there 100% is! When you find the right coach for you, it can take you forward in leaps and bounds. So if you’re not sure, have a consultation and see how good and motivated you feel after it! Having a coach doesn’t necessarily mean you don’t know what you’re doing (though it can help with that too!), it just gives you essential focus and growth potential.”

“If you’re feeling lost or stuck…Kat is your gal”

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“Working with Kat gave me an opportunity to check in with myself and realise it doesn’t all have to be go, go, go all of the time! I’d never done any reflective work until I worked with Kat and now I generally try and practice self-love and empathy for myself as often as I can. I’d say the self-care journey definitely started with the work I did with Kat and then grew from there.

I knew in that hour someone was actually listening to me, and what I had to say. No matter how big or small, Kat was there to listen and not judge. And knowing I had someone to talk to every week, no questions asked, was incredible.

Kat is approachable, informative and inspiring. She really knows how to get down to the nitty-gritty and get a plan in place for your personal growth.

If you’re feeling lost or stuck, if you’re sick of trying to muddle through over late night phone-sessions with your friends, then Kat is your gal. She’s like your own pocket best mate, there to listen and guide based on how your feeling and the goals you want to ascertain.

Don’t just try to get by in life, sometimes opening up your world to just one person brings so much clarity and direction. I know working with Kat was the catalyst for my personal journey, and she could be yours too.

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